5 Reasons Home-Based Medical Transcription May Not Suit You

Any home-based profession has its advantages. Medical transcription has more, with the flexibility it offers. However, home-based medical transcription is not everyone’s tea. Don’t jump into the profession because somebody else is into it; the profession may not suit you at all. Let me explain why. You are easily distracted. If the primary reason you want to work from home is the comfort it promises to offer, you have started on the wrong note. Home will provide you comfort but you cannot afford to become comfortable if you want to meet those quality goals and chase those deadlines.You cannot ensure a secluded, noise-free ‘office’ at home. If your office-space is a hangout zone or frequented by family and guests, it is definitely not fit to be an office. Medical transcription requires you to be extremely focused, and you cannot guarantee focus in such an office space.You cannot work in isolation. Some people abhor co-workers while others adore them. Now, if you fall in the latter category, you may not be able to live with the absence of co-workers.You cannot handle an irregular inflow of work. If the thought of irregular work, and thus, irregular income scares you, the home-based profession is definitely not for you.

A home-based transcriptionist has to be prepared to handle ups and downs in terms of work.You cannot guarantee HIPAA-compliance. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has laid some guidelines to ensure security and confidentiality of medical information. As a home-based transcriptionist, you have to take measure to conform to those. If you cannot, don’t work from home.Not being able to cope with the demands of home-based medical transcription does not mean you cannot be a good medical transcriptionist. Just take a regular job instead of working from home.            


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