Are Bamboo Socks Antibacterial?

Many people that are interested in buying bamboo socks for the first are wondering if they really are antibacterial. Some say they are, and some say they are not. One thing that is known for certain to be true is that in it's natural state, bamboo is antibacterial.

You do not have to treat natural bamboo with any kind of pesticide to keep them bug free. This can not be said for cotton. Even though during the process of manufacturing the bamboo into fiber, some of the antimicrobial effectiveness can be lost, many believe that some of it still remains. With cotton, you get no antimicrobial properties at all.

The sweat that can be produced by feet is not what causes foot odor. When feet sweat, the bacteria that attacks that sweat causes the odor. The bamboo fiber is very breathable and keeps mositure away from the foot so it should help with foot odor that is caused by bacteria. When bacteria do not like bamboo in the first place, it could prove very helpful.

When you visit sites like BedSpace, you can discover more facts from fiction information about bamboo socks. Even if bamboo is not entirely antibacterial, you will still get a better amount of protection than you ever will with cotton socks.

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