Are The Suppliers from Worldwide Brands Safe?

As it's one of the most popular supplier sources, there are many Worldwide Brands reviews online – but a lot of people still wonder how safe, reliable and legitimate the wholesalers and drop shippers in Worldwide Brands really are.  In this quick review, I'm going to talk about Worldwide Brands and how they certify suppliers before listing them in their directory.

What is Worldwide Brands?

Worldwide Brands is a directory of certified suppliers – which range from small drop shippers to huge manufacturers and wholesalers of well know brands.

Membership costs nearly $300, and for that you get access to over 16 million products at trade prices from about 8,000 suppliers in total – of which more than 70% have either no or a low minimum order.

One of the advantages of using Worldwide Brands, other than the fact that there are so many products in one place, is that all the suppliers are certified and 

guaranteed to be legitimate.

How Does Certification Work?

The editor of the Worldwide Brands directory guarantees the legitimacy of all the suppliers listed – and they can do that because they have visited every supplier's facilities and placed test orders, to check their reliability.  This is more research than any other directory, including Salehoo, does before accepting a new supplier – so Worldwide Brands is one of the safest places to buy wholesale goods online.

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