Beautiful Flower Gardens

Beautiful flower gardens with less work can be a dream come true when you follow the six steps below to get you started. As you start to plan your garden, it is beneficial to start with the finish in mind. After all, it is true what they say "If you don't know where you are going, how will you know when you are there?" A cliche for definite, but knowing where you need to go & how to get there is critical…in business & in gardening.

Review these six steps each time you plan a project, design a garden, or pursue any new vision that may have planted its seed in your brain. Each strategy will help you have more garden with less work.

Six steps for managing your space, energy, & time.

Reduce repetitive tasks like mowing, edging, planting, pruning, raking leaves, picking up sticks, weeding, mulching, fertilizing, & pest control. Figure out how much time you are spending, or are willing to spend, on these tasks & plan accordingly. Buy ergonomic gardening tools to reduce joint strain.

Select what you will do. From the above list, see which things you actually like to do. Possibly you love mowing your lawn or edging. Great! Go for it! But, on the other hand, don't feel guilty in the event you select to take down that giant oak tree because you are worn out of picking up the nuts or racking the leaves every fall.

Repeat what works. In business, if something works, keep doing it. Same in gardening. Have you been to a public garden or seen a neighbors' yard with a landscaping idea that seems to work? Possibly it is a great color method they used with their annuals like red & white begonias, or pink petunias with grey dusty miller. Take notes on the botanical name, helpful to your landscape designer, as well as the common name, if feasible, & use them in your garden. Be definite you have picked the right niche (see the next strategy) for your plant!

Know your niches. It is a helpful business plan & a helpful garden plan. The dictionary defines a niche as: "A comfortable or suitable position in life or employment." Your garden is made up of several different niches-ecological pockets that vary in terms of light, moisture, wind & soil. Matching your plants to these niches is the best way to assure gardening success. For more help visit

Set nature free. You like having the freedom to pursue your God given talents & passions, right? Well, so do your plants! All of them have their own character & passions. Some love to run rampant all over your yard (kind of reminds me of our 25 year elderly when they was young) but then others are very content wherever they happen to be (our 22 year elderly.) You love them both equally but each has their own set of needs. So, likewise, be definite & put shade loving plants like hostas in low light areas & don't even purchase high maintenance plants like roses in the event you are not willing to take care of these kids. For more help visit types of flowers.

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