Cebu City: Comprehensive Guide for Travelers

Here’s a great guide for your trip here in Cebu City before traveling.

Bring enough amount of money.

If you’re a foreigner, know the exact value of your bill to an exchange to Philippines Peso. Because it’s a great thing if you know the value of what you are holding. You have the money for your Hotel in Cebu.


Be sure that you will bring a map with you or you can just grab it online. Google Maps and all, but it is better if you have a hard copy to have a backup if you’re in a place without internet connection.

Bring copies of your passports and travel related documents.

This is for you to avoid certain problems if you lost your passport.

Credit Card.

Make sure you have your credit card with you when you go out abroad as you travel.

Buy a Guidebook.

Guidebooks are usually maps, language translation and will give you enough details for you to familiar the country you’re visiting “especially Cebu.”

Pack your Gadgets Right.

Make sure you are bringing the right gadget while you’re away from the country to avoid difficulties. Especially, a charger adapter that will work on international countries (110V to 220V, or 50 or 60 cycles) and International/Global Mobile Signal provider, your mobile provider should work in Cebu, Philippines.

Have a Travel Insurance secured.

As indicated by surveys, before you travel, check your medical coverage strategy to check whether it incorporates worldwide scope. If not, consider purchasing a transient strategy that will cover you while you're abroad, on the off chance that something ought to happen. So also, a brilliant approach to secure your trek and your cash is to buy travel protection. Strategies and scope change from supplier to supplier, however, the fundamental thought is that you can have your cash discounted if your trek must be wiped out, deferred, or stopped for any number of reasons.

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