Choosing The Right Venetian Blinds For Your Home

Aluminium venetian blinds sizes differ widely depending on where you intend to use them. Known for their ability to transform any room into a modern and sleek look, aluminium Venetian blinds have fast become the favourite of most designers and decorators.


The sizes of Venetian blinds you choose should perfectly fit your windows. If you're wondering what size of aluminium Venetian blinds you need, then this article is for you.


Choosing the right blinds for your home

To pick the right size, you must identify your window width. You can opt for standard blinds sizes or order custom fitting blinds. 

The common blinds sizes available include:

1. 25mm slat width Aluminium Venetian blinds. 


•  Width ranges between 120mm and 3300mm.

•  Height ranges between 600mm and 3600mm.

These sizes of blinds ideal for small and shallow windows. They are extremely durable and easy to operate. The slimline aluminium Venetian blinds are great if you're looking for an uncluttered view. 

Apart from controlling the amount of light entering your room, they can easily be lifted to give you a clean and unobstructed view. They are easy to clean making them ideal for the kitchen or bathroom. 

A single unit can cover an opening measuring up to 6sqm.

2. 50mm slat aluminium Venetian blinds


•  Width ranges between 250mm and 3000mm

•  Height ranges between 60mm and 3300mm

A single unit can cover up to 10sqm. 

Similarly, these blinds are strong and durable and perfect for the best light as well as privacy. The wide slats are ideal for deeper windows.

Windows sizes

Most windows in our homes come in standard sizes.

•  Double hung windows. Lengths vary from 36 to 72 inches and widths from 24 to 48 inches.

•  Picture windows. Standard height ranges from 2 to 8 feet while width ranges from 39 to 84 inches.

•  Sliding windows. Standard height ranges from 24 to 60 inches and width from 36 to 84 inches.

For these types of windows, you can easily order ready-made aluminium Venetian blinds. However, not all houses come with standard size windows. Some of the odd shaped windows include arched windows, skylight, trapezoid windows.

To find the perfect fit for these types of windows, you have to order for custom Venetian blinds. 

Choosing between inside or outside recess

To determine the size of aluminium Venetian blinds your window needs, you must determine where you want to fit your blinds. 

Fitting outside recesses makes your room lighter. Additionally, you can order custom blinds without the need to cut down to size. 

Fitting inside recesses is perfect if you want to hide the control mechanism of the blinds. They are also ideal if you use your window sill for other purposes such as placing photo frames or sculptures.

Knowing the different aluminium Venetian blinds ensures that you fit your window the correct way. Believe it or not, slat sizes can significantly change the perspective and appearance of your windows. 

By determining your window size, you can make an informed decision and order the right fitting blinds.

Blinds add a sophisticated look to any room and you want to do it right. Whether you're a designer or not, aluminian venetian blinds come in a wide variety of colours and sizes. It's up to you to pick what suits you most

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