Coffee shop Diaries-what makes cafes the best group study spots?

Studying in a coffee shop is a trend that dates back to several decades and even today, getting together with your study partner or group to discuss your progress and do some studying is definitely something that is quite popular. Sipping on that perfect cup of coffee to get your brain cells working and the comfortable and warm atmosphere is definitely welcoming, especially when one is looking forward to a study session. Today, brings to you 3 reasons which make coffee shops the ideal place to settle down for a group study session:

  1. You can get loud: The major disadvantage of studying in a group is that too many people trying to speak at one time might make you sound loud and as these are social meeting places, it is okay if you become a little loud.
  2. Plenty of options to choose from: Studying for long hours at stretch can be quite testing and sitting at a coffee shop gives one unhinged access to various snacking options. Besides, there is always the good old coffee to push your energy levels up.
  3. The unlimited Wi-Fi: Be it PMP, CFP or FRM you are preparing for, internet is an indispensable resource you can count on for reference. Most coffee shops provide free internet for users and it is actually of great help especially for streaming tutorial videos and study materials for instance for CFP study group as needed.

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