Equipment For Shih Tzu Training

As you know Shih Tzus training is must for the puppies to make them behave well in front of all. The rules must be made consistently clear to avoid Small Dog Syndrome, a behavior in which the dog believes he is the pack leader to humans. For keeping same hair shape as a Shih Tzu puppy you can use a clip.

Shih Tzu training is different from training a dog as large as Great Dane or as brave as a Bull Terrier. During training you must keep few things in mind which are – you must consider the breed's size of the dog, temperament, characteristics as well as training methods and equipment appropriate for this dog.

You must also be careful in selecting the right training equipment for your puppy. You should select the one that can help you create a well-mannered spunky little dog. Some of the first purchases you will need to make for your dog include:

Collars. A dog collar can be used for controlling the dog and their identification as well. It is not just a fancy material around the neck of the dog. Tags containing the dog's identification are often placed on dog collars.

Leashes. These are used to control the dog like collars. Dog leashes differ in materials, lengths and styles. When buying leashes, you must choose that leashes which are perfect for your Shih Tzu.

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