Eyewear – Choosing the Right Frame To Suit the Face

Selecting frames can be a challenging exercise, and of course laborious.

Get it and you'll find your eyeglasses or sunglasses will complement the shape and dimensions of your face, including balance to your features and making you look attractive.

The Eyes

Always ensure that your eyes are centered within the lenses, no matter what the frame shape may be. You can also click online websites to buy Eyeglass Frames.

The Brow Line

The cover of the framework should not be prominent above or below the eyebrow line. Opt for a chunkier, stronger framework to equilibrium thicker eyebrows.

The Lenses

Careful lens choice is as important as choosing the right frames and some lenses may change the overall appearance of the eyewear.

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Light and thin lenses using an anti-reflective coating are considered to offer the most appealing look, and bi-focal wearers would be wise to avert the obsolete midway lines and elect for progressive lenses instead.

Body Weight and Build

Choose frames which fit your body size. Exotic designs lend themselves into smaller, petite characters, whilst larger built individuals can benefit from the balance provided by thicker, possibly more overstated frames.

The Face Shape

Ideally, your eyeglass frames should subtly equilibrium your face shape and your choice ultimately depends upon if you've got around, oval, rectangle, diamond, square or oblong shaped face.

Tempted as you might be, never select a frame that matches the shape of your face because all that can do is exaggerate the characteristic.

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