GMAT prep tips: 3 reasons why you need a Study Partner Today!

Since most people team up their GMAT prep with full time jobs, it is crucial to stay self-motivated with the prep. You need to set targets and push yourself to meet them, because without putting in dedication, all hopes of getting a decent GMAT score might as well go down the drain. And what better than finding yourself to find yourself a study partner to complement your journey. Today, actuarial exam study group brings to you GMAT prep tips-3 reasons why you need a Study Partner Today:

  1. Motivation- This is perhaps the most crucial thing why you need a partner on board. Someone who motivates you to work and study and maintain a fine balance in between at the same time. Having a study partner will not only motivate you to work harder, but also help you stay inspired all the time.
  2. Help with the test prep- You can share your knowledge and make things work out better from both ends. Find someone who compliments your skills and area of expertise and share you problem solving tactics with each other to help each other improve.
  3. Sharing study materials- Another ad on of having a study partner is that you can share study materials and books with each other with no added costs involved. For example, once you are done with your Quant, you can swap your material with your partner with something else he has on hands.

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