Since pasta came in the lives of people it has gained a lot of attention and people love eating pasta whether it is for their lunch or dinner. Pasta is being a popular and famous food from many years and when people saw it in different shapes it became more attractive to eat. It is enjoyed by people of all age groups and genders that is why people are now making it at their homes. If you ever wanted to make pasta from home then good news for you is that it is clearly possible, you can easily make pasta of your favorite shapes from your own house.

To make pasta you need a pasta machine that is capable of making the dough sheets into fine and good quality pasta. If your pasta machine will not be good enough in maintaining the quality then you might not get the right taste of pasta, this the reason selecting a famous brand is important because the risks are minor and you get maximum good results. Marcato atlas pasta machine is one of the best pasta making machines in the whole world and the popularity of Marcato atlas pasta machine is really high because the all the atlas machines give professional look to the pasta.

The two best models Marcato Atlas pasta machines that you can get for you are

Ristorantica by Marcato Atlas

Ristorantica by Marcato atlas is a pasta machine on which you can make loads of pastas in short period of time. This machine is best for you if you need to make pasta in greater quantity and some of its features include

The Ristorantica is able to give functions of like extruding of pasta in a simple but effective way, kneading all the ingredients perfectly so that you do not get any thick pieces of the material and rolling and cutting sheets of pasta accurately.

There are three different dies made of bronze that makes you able to prepare spaghetti, rigatoni and the world famous maccheroni.

If you want to make lasagna and fettuccine by the help of Ristorantica then you can easily prepare because there are two cutter rollers added in this machine.

If you want to see more shapes in your pasta and you are willing to add creativity in your pasta then you can also buy 9 various shapes to bring attraction towards your pastas.

Duralumin is used in the construction of Ristorantica.

Pasta Fresca by Marcato Atlas

Just like Ristorantica, Pasta Fresca is another strong pasta making and some of its features are

Aluminum alloy body construction.

5 extra accessories for shapes.

750gm dough can be converted in pasta within few minutes.

2 year warranty.

If you want to get a atlas pasta machine then try to select between these two models because you will not be needing any other machine for many and many years after you purchase these models.

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