How to Stop a Cat from Spraying: A Tricky Topic

Me and my neighbor have pet cats at home. We meet everyday and discuss about our cats. Most of our discussions are fun. But, sometimes we discuss serious topics too. One serious topic we often discuss is how to stop a cat from spraying. We often brainstorm ideas. This is a tricky topic because there is no easy way to stop a cat from spraying.

I have actually placed 3 litter boxes in my house at different places. But, in spite of that, my cat doesn’t always spray into the litter boxes. No amount of training helped to solve this frustrating problem. My neighbor has the same issue too. He keeps telling me that there maybe medical reasons why a cat sprays outside the litter box. This was actually told to him by an inexperienced veterinarian. But, I refuse to believe that a medical condition is bothering my cat. He is actually one of the healthiest pet cats in the world. I have seen my neighbor’s cat too. He also looks quite healthy. I feel that there may be some psychological fears which can cause the cat to spray outside the litter box. A cat psychologist with whom I talked about this problem also says the same. Anyway, my search on how to stop a cat from spraying continues.

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