Huawei Honor 7 Mobile phone launched

Yesterday, in BeiJing, Huawei launched its new flagship smart phone, Huawei Honor 7. This unit has three different color, silver, grey, and golden. People can order it online on 6th, July.

Huawei Honor 7 owns one 5.2 inch IPS screen, resolution is 1080P level. CPU is the latest Huawei Kirin 935 octa core processor. That is one 64 bit octa core processor. Frequency is 2.2GHz. Its RAM is 3GB, and memory is 16GB. There are dual cameras built in. Its front camera is 8M pixels, and rear camera is 20M pixels. The operation system is EMUI 3.1 which is based on Android 5.0 Lollipop OS. The battery capacity is 3100Mah. 

This Huawei Honor 7 adopts 9V, 2A instant charge technology. The stand-by time can be 15 hours after you recharge the battery for only 5 minutes. It support the Touch ID 2.0 technology, it only takes about 0.5 second to unlock the smart phone. 

Except this Honor 7 smart phone, Huawei also disclosed its ZERO smart bracelet. It is designed by people from Finland. Its stand-by time is over 4 days and IP68 level water proof. But it will be available for sale in August.

In last year, the total shipment volume of Huawei Honor series smart phones in 2014 was 20 million pieces, but in the first half of 2015, its shipment volume is already 20 million pieces. 

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