Is the Whynter ARC-12SD Recommended?

Before buying the portable air conditioner, it is a common thing that the people would consider many things. It could be whether the portable air conditioner can work well, the after sales service, the spare parts replacement, the installation process, the weight, the height, and other features that cannot be mentioned one by one. Hereby, the Whynter ARC-12SD can be one of the names of the portable AC that you can have a look. Indeed, all the decisions are yours but this product can be the example of good portable air conditioners.  

What to Know about Whynter ARC-12SD

What is the information about this portable air conditioner that the people as the customers need to know? As Whynter ARC-12SD works as both dehumidifier and also fan, it seems that it works in recycling the water during its process of the cooling. By its 12000BTU, it has the ability to cool the room with the size of 400 square feet. The good thing about Whynter ARC-12SD is the fact that it's  eco friendly product with dual hose technology in both versatile and quiet operating systemwhynter ARC-12SD. There would be no way that the people feel annoyed in installing the portable AC and in using it. You can say goodbye to the noisy portable AC you currently have.

In the other side, this Whynter ARC-12SD also has some bad things too. Some people say that the product has bad drainage system that means its water reservoir is too near with the base of the unit. It seems to be harder for them because the reservoir needs to be emptied more often. The display light that is occurred in the control panel seems to be too bright. This portable air conditioner is quite bothering for them because somehow the people prefer to sleep with the lights off. It is also worth considering but overall there would be no matter about the features, its working process, and so on.


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