Making Your Business Card Memorable With Unforgettable Designs

Imagine going to a convention where there is an exchange of thousands of business cards between thousands of people. This much exchange of information going on, how you can you make yourself memorable to your future clients? A great way to be memorable is to have a memorable business card. For more information about business cards, you may lead here

Making Your Business Card Memorable With Unforgettable Designs

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The possibility for a great business card is endless. Unique designs stand out from the crowd and the only limit is your imagination and your budget. Here are several ways by which you can make your calling card unforgettable.

Choosing a Unique Material for your Business Card

Plastic or metal calling cards are not a conventional visiting card material, but they are not very unusual now too. The trend seems to be that many businesses are opting for metal or plastic contact cards so its novelty has already worn off. If you really want a material that is different from the rest, try some color-changing business cards or glow in the dark ones.

Edible Business Cards

Companies can now make calling card out of edible materials, such as chocolate, sugar cookies, peanuts, and beef jerky. If you are in the food business you might want to give away those kinds of cards. But make sure there is a piece of paper attached to them with your name and contact information if ever the client decides to eat your tasty contact cards.

Choosing an Unforgettable Tag Line

It can be a provocative sentence or a funny one. It can also be a simple, but catchy tagline like Nike's "Just do it." Putting a great tagline on your calling card will also help establish your personal branding.

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