Military Uniforms Then and Now

All over the world, organized military makes of government authorities have many types of military outfits that they wear. Evidently being one of the founding fathers of the standard, the militaries of countries have added greatly towards what takes its good standard today.

Outfits have been made to provide many purposes. Among these purposes are variation, camouflage, logistics and internal warfare. A short description of every purpose uses:


One major reason for having outfits is so that combatants can recognize individuals guarded by the laws and regulations of war and the ones who are permitted to carry weapons. Browse  to know more about the military surplus.

A lot of people in warfare who carry weaponry and fight tend to be not covered by these laws and regulations. An added reason was to avoid military deserters from having the ability to improve their clothing to echo more regular civilian clothing.

Awareness & Camouflage:

The advancement of military outfits from shiny colors (to assist in identification over a struggle field) to more camouflaged ones (where they become nearly indistinguishable from the encompassing scenery) is an indication of the goal of an even.

While recently important to find items in struggle, the progression of warfare has necessitated the greater stealthier areas of armies and therefore more focus on camouflage.

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