Carpet Cleaning Proper Care Techniques For The New Homeowner

Your carpets can make your home feel comfortable and look great. However, if you don't properly take care of them, your comfort can be short-lived. Caring for your carpets the proper way includes a combined approach of calling in the professionals and doing some cleaning yourself. Let's take a look at the proper care techniques below. 

It's vital that you sweep your carpets at least once per week. It's actually a good idea to consider sweeping floors that get a lot of foot traffic more often. Realize that sweeping allows the loose dirt and debris on the surface of your carpets to be sucked up. If left on the carpets, that loose debris will be ground into the deeper fibers of the carpets where you won't be able to touch them with your home vacuum. 

Regular professional cleaning is always recommended for keeping your carpets in tip-top shape. Professional carpet cleaning State College involves using quality equipment to reach down into those deep carpet fibers that your traditional vacuum can't get to. That ground-in dirt and other pollutants are adequately cleaned from the deeper carpet fibers. This will drastically increase the appearance of your carpets. In fact, many homeowners are surprised at just home new their carpets look after a professional cleaning. 

3 Pros Of Using A Dry Carpet Cleaning Company

There are many different methods available to clean the carpets in your State College home. The reality is that some methods are simply better than others. We highly recommend using dry carpet cleaning over steam cleaning and other similar methods. Here are the three biggest advantages you'll get from using a dry carpet cleaning company.

Little Drying Time

One of the worst parts of shampooing a carpet is not the activity itself, but rather, waiting for your carpet to dry. You can't move any items back into the room until the carpet is completely dry. That can mean hours for a steam cleaned carpet. The amount of drying time increases with the humidity as well. With dry carpet cleaning provided by experienced companies at, there's little to no drying time at all.

More Hygienic

Getting those nasty pollutants out of your carpet is imperative to the health of your family. Some methods use a wash that can leak into the areas around the carpet. This can leave those pollutants simply transported to another spot in your home, like the baseboard. Dry carpet cleaning uses a powdered substance that traps the pollutants and simply gets sucked up by the vacuum.

Extremely Affordable

Carpet cleaning used to be thought of as a very expensive service. Since your carpet must be thoroughly cleaned at least twice a year to maintain its color, you end up just eating the large expense. With dry carpet cleaning, you'll never have to worry about a large expense again. Rather, it's fairly cheap to have done.