Can You Use a UV Air Purifier Safely?

Appliances around the kitchen can have a lot of dangerous things about them. Some have blades, some produce heat, and some can even electrocute you. However, we use all of these things daily and our common sense helps us along.

There are things we use around the house that have similar dangers, but we don’t pay them any mind because we know manufacturers have safety precautions with them. This is especially true with things like air purifiers. Some of them only have air filters, but UV air purifiers are a relatively new technology.

These appliances can kill over 99% of bacteria and viruses from its germicide state as said by Damage Control 911 of Orlando.

There are different types of ultraviolet light, so be sure to look for the “UV-C” type. The other ultraviolet lights aren’t considered germicidal, so if it’s anything other than a UVC light, it won’t be as effective. People have been worried over ultraviolet radiation coming from these bulbs, but they are coated in special substances to keep them from leaking out.

While this is one worry, some people also worry about the possibility of ozone being produced from these bulbs. They produce less than the amount the EPA states is dangerous, but some UV air purifiers promise an ozone-free state.

Protective Gear For High-Risk Building Projects

The safety of construction workers should be the utmost priority of any construction related corporation. There are certain mandatory precautions which must be taken before the start of any such project. It is imperative to provide them with not only basic skills and knowledge but also more importantly equip them with the correct protective gear. Mentioned below are a number of valuable tips which will help you to ensure the safety of the workers.


Protect Your Face

When working with drill machines and other dangerous equipment, it is imperative to protect your face. This can be achieved by wearing proper safety goggles and protective masks which cover your face in an attempt to prevent any serious injury.

Correct Footwear And Gloves

More often than not building projects take place in rough terrains. Thus you must ensure that you are wearing strong boots which do not dilapidate easily and are also comfortable. Similarly, to protect your hands from any potential dangerous, you should ideally wear gloves.

Proper Education

Beyond this, it is absolutely vital for workers to be aware of the possible dangers and how to avoid them. Hence regular training sessions should take place which will invariably increase the expertise of workers. For further information, it is advisable to contact Australian health and safety supplies.

Ear Protection

Since building and construction work is a noisy process, all workers must be provided ear plugs which should be cleaned or replaced on a regular basis.

Henceforth by following these simple steps you can indeed ensure that your workers are safe and secure.