Pros And Cons Of Being A Home Painter


  • Creative job: Modern wall painting is not just about rolling on traditional boring colors over the wall. New innovations and increasing competition have compelled painters Rozelle to bring out the creativity in wall painting. Creative work never leads to boredom and often loved by people.

  • All season work: Demand for painting walls never goes low. Buildings are made and old buildings have to be renovated. This is why the need for painters is all seasoned and they never go unemployed.

  • Wide market: The market size of the profession is wide. Painting services are required not only in residential painting but for painting commercial structures, offices, strata interior and exterior, flyovers, and all type of infrastructure.

  • Not confined within walls of an office: It is not a conventional 9 to 6 job. The best part is you do not have to confine yourself in an office behind the desk. The job requires traveling to different places, visiting different types of sites and structures and a new painting job for each project. This reduces monotony and boredom.


  • Health hazards: Safety and health is something to be given due care in the profession. Use of safety types of equipment like harnesses, gloves and safety goggles is a must. Painting job often requires climbing long heights, and painters are exposed to falling from heights. Even working with paints and chemicals are hazardous to health.

  • Normal painters do not get paid much: Standard painters Penrith might not get paid as much as expected. The profession requires experience and a good reputation in the market. Without that, it is almost impossible to survive in the competition.

  • Small mistakes lead to huge losses: Painting job is critical and needs to be carried out with quite an amount of care and diligence. Even the smallest mistake leaves all the effort as scrap and he may require starting afresh. Lack of care may degrade the quality of service which may further lower the reputation of the painter in the market.