The Delicate Field Of Eye Surgery


Eye surgery is one of the most complicated fields of medicine, as the eye is surely one of the most sensitive organs of a human body. With its complex structure, and microscopic details, treating an eye has always been a task only for the best surgeons. The modern eye surgery prides itself on fantastic techniques, which are used to correct all kinds of vision problems. With the use of modern technology, and brilliant solutions, modern day eye surgeon is more precise, more accurate, and more successful than ever! Some of the latest procedures in eye surgery even offer an amazing success rate of over 95 per cent, while reducing the discomfort and pain at the same time.

One of those new amazing procedures is the ReLEx Smile method. The much talked about procedure uses the potent third generation femtosecond laser, VisuMax, made by the renowned German company Carl Zeiss. This laser enables the surgeon to perform the entire operation using only one instruments, which radically reduces not only the time of the surgery, but also the discomfort of the patient. Check it out, and find out how a great surgeon can perform this amazing surgery, including the preparation of the patients, and the post op checkup, in less than 20 minutes! 

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