The Great Talent Of Leonard Cohen

leonard cohenAnybody who has been listening to music for the past four decades knows Leonard Cohen, he has not only been a renowned poet, and novelist but also an award winning musician who has done great things in music since he was a boy, born and raised in Montreal Canada, and Cohen started writing when he was a young boy.  For many years now, Leonard Cohen has been an influential songwriter known to many for his charisma and pessimism. Taking on controversial subjects like sex, religion, spirituality and power, Cohen has courageously handled these topics that no other musician wants to touch with great courage. 

It is his courage to take on these important issues that has earned his a slot in the rock and roll hall of fame, a place where many only dream off.  Some of the songs that Cohen has recorded that has hit the airwaves and ruled the billboards include Suzanne, Sisters Of Mercy, So Long, Marianne And Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye; you can find more of Leonard Cohen’s songs by checking out Mahee Ferlini’s uploads on popular YouTube channel. Here you will find songs from Cohen’s first, second to the last album that he has just released.

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