The Position Of Your Dog’s Tail Gives Away His Emotions

Dogs wag their tails as naturally as we shake our heads. But as we shake our head for specific reasons, like our heads hurt, or we just want to adjust our hairstyles. However, dogs don't have hairstyles that they have to adjust by wagging their tails. So why is it that their tails are wagging?

Unlike humans who speak with words, dogs speak with their entire body. The tail especially gives clues about how the dog is feeling, just give him a bowl of the best dry dog food for Pitbull and you'll see them tails wag themselves away. There are several reasons why dog wags its tail. By understanding the meaning, you'll be able to interpret just what the dog wants to communicate and other people. For other dogs, he wags his tail as a social signal as well as an expression of social interaction. When they are alone, obviously, they don't wag these tails, there is no one there for them to communicate anything to. 

If you want to determine the dog's emotional state as he wags his tails, there are three indicators that you should take note: the position of the tail, the movement of the tail as well as the swagger. The combination of these three indicators will deliver to you his emotional state as he wags his tail.

First, let's talk about the original position of the dog's tail, and why it is relevant. The higher it is, the more aggressive the dog is, and the lower the tail is, the more submissive the dog is. As you give your dog a bowl of the best dry dog food, of course, his tail would be in a lower position in comparison with when he is facing another dog of the same gender. And the original position of his tail shows that he is calm and relaxed. 

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