The Significance of Different Types of Lanyards

Lanyards are easily available in various varieties, styles, designs and colours. There are different attachments available that can easily be changed according to peoples need. Each type of lanyard has different properties and qualities that make it unique.


Following are some types of lanyards:

1. The commonly used lanyards

You can easily find this type of lanyard in various styles, colours and attachment in the market. The main purpose of these is to carry everyday essentials like mobile phones, ID cards, USB drives, pens, cameras and so on. You can easily get them customized at an economical price. This type of lanyards is often used by organizations as a promotional item for advertising. They also give out various types of lanyards at their job drives and to their employees.

2. Stylish modern lanyards

The main purpose of using this kind of lanyards is to make a style statement and to look fashionable. These are usually made from fancy beads and jewels like jade, pearls, topaz and other semi-precious stones. These are often provided with expensive electronic equipment like USB drives and cameras.

3. Military lanyards

Initially, these were used by military personnel for keeping important things safe around their necks. These important things could be anything ranging from an id card, whistle to a pistol. As lanyards have such a strong history, now military enthusiasts collect rare types of lanyard and these are very expensive.

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