Things To Find In The Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum

Courtesy: Time Travel Turtle

For the people who are interested in historic events like World War II,  a visit to the Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum is a sheer adventure. Here are a few things, mentioned below, to find in the Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum.

1. Informative short video

You can watch the short video during your visit of the museum. It will be both an informative and touching experience. It shows the poor conditions in the Prisoners of war were forced to work. This will give you an insight about the old World War II period.

2. Audio recordings

You can also find audio recordings of the Prisoners of war. They talk about their experiences and sufferings. You can even submit a small refundable deposit at the museum and get an audio player from there. This will allow you to listen to the audio recordings during your walk in to the pass. Remember that the audio players need to be returned by 3:50pm sharp at the museum. If you fail to do so, a fine of 500 baht will be charged.

3. Walking trail

You can also continue on the historic walking trail in Hellfire Pass, after spending some time inside the museum. This track offers a tremendous site seeing experience, as you are taken to the Kwai Noi lookout and the Hintok Station, along with other historic construction sites. It is a 4km walking trail, which is still well maintained.

Therefore, learn something new at hellfire pass; opening hours for the Museum must be known beforehand to plan the trip accordingly.

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