The Guide to Sumilon Island

Sumilon Island is located in the southwest part of Cebu and about 3 to 4 hours from Cebu depending on the traffic and the mode of transportation. You can rent a car or van or take a VHire or Bus which will cost 200 Pesos per person. The frequency of bus leaving the South Bus Terminal to Oslob would be an hour for air-conditioned buses and every 30 minutes for the non-air-conditioned buses.

Trips that are very long could make you dizzy sometimes so it would be a thing to bring some mint or drink Bonamine to prevent motion sickness and enjoy the trip.

If you’re taking a Day Tour on the island, it’s advisable to depart at 5 AM from Cebu so you could have more time to really enjoy Sumilon. When you arrive in the port for Sumilon Island, you will be greeted with refreshing ice cold Lemongrass Tea which is a native drink in Oslob. The boat will take 15-20 minutes to arrive in the beautiful Sumilon Island.

As you arrive on the island, another Resort Staff will greet and orient you for the island. After that, you can do the activities offered by the island such kayaking at the lagoon, island nature trekking, Island Tour, Cave Tours, Climbing at the lighthouse where you can see the panoramic view of the whole Island. You can also swim at the sandbar and at the island’s infinity pool, sunbathing.

The entire package of the Island Day Tour is inclusive of a buffet lunch, Boat transfers (back and forth the island), the use of swimming facilities, kayaking, nature trekking and the snorkeling gears.

The boat schedule from the mainland to the island is 8 AM, 9:30 AM, 11 AM, 12:30 PM, 2 PM and 4:30 PM while from the island to the mainland is 8:15 AM, 9:45 AM, 11:45 AM, 12:45 PM, 2:15 PM and 4:45 PM.

If you want to have a hassle-free Day Tour in Sumilon Island, you can book for an Oslob Tours with Cebu Tours.

3 Things to Do in Sandakan

If you are planning a trip to Borneo and don’t know where to start then this is your guide for everything. Mostly what tourists do when they visit Borneo is that they either head to Kota Kinabalu or Sandakan. Sandakan isn’t a westernised area but it has a lot to offer.

Courtesy-Wonderful Malaysia

We have made a list of things that you must do when visiting Sandakan, Borneo:

  • The Orangutans

The Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary is the first place that you need to go to. It is nearly 30 minutes away from Sandakan and people there host around 70 Orangutans. They are being rehabilitated by the workers to be released back in to the wild. This is the only time that you will encounter these species so make your time count.

  • Agnes Keith House

Agnes Keith, wife of Henry Keith who was a forest conservator, was an American who wrote the book ‘Land Below the Wind’ about her time in Sandakan as a woman. She wrote two more books, one of which was about her experience in the Japanese prison camp along with her son. The house has a very eerie feel to it and it makes you believe as if you have stepped back in the era of 30s. You can also indulge in the scrumptious high tea by the English Tea House gardens overlooking the harbour.

  • Kinabatangan River

It is the second largest river in Malaysia and it tours from Sandakan via a boat safari. You can see the Proboscis monkeys dangling from the tress along with the crocodiles and water buffalos nearby.

If you are planning a trip to Malaysia then you must visit Sandakan as it is a treat for your eyes.

All About Thailand Beauty

The Land of Smiles, Thailand is Still a Spell-bound Nation.  It’s countless of islands along with its own metropolitan capital city may make it a very exceptional destination for its own visitors.  Every pupil is pampered depending on their budgets and wants to explore this glorious nation.  It owns world most useful well-known attractions. 

From yummy cuisine, leisure, shopping and sightseeing, every traveler is exhausted.  Break-taking shores, magnificent and striking temples, to modern town metropolis, Thailand can be actually a treasure where becoming tired isn’t really an alternative. 

Prepare yourself to be charmed with this particular exotic Thailand. You can also purchase beautiful Floating lantern (which is also known as “????????” in the Thai language) which is a folk tradition of Lanna people.

Float your path to the industry Thailand’s floating markets are jarring, exciting, and shows that an insight of this local culture.  Even the Damnoen Saduak floating market could be the most significant and the very widely used.  The current market is situated about 100km beyond Bangkok.  It’s a great solution to begin the morning to explore this gorgeous pearl of the nation. 

The thin canals and small wooden stilt houses are photogenic.  A long tail ship with food, presents and memorabilia, clothing and brand new goods are readily available.  You might have breakfast at the current market, a number of food are in your ceremony: noodle meals, fresh veggies, stir fried rice, spring rolls, citrus cakes and so forth. 

Cebu City: Comprehensive Guide for Travelers

Here’s a great guide for your trip here in Cebu City before traveling.

Bring enough amount of money.

If you’re a foreigner, know the exact value of your bill to an exchange to Philippines Peso. Because it’s a great thing if you know the value of what you are holding. You have the money for your Hotel in Cebu.


Be sure that you will bring a map with you or you can just grab it online. Google Maps and all, but it is better if you have a hard copy to have a backup if you’re in a place without internet connection.

Bring copies of your passports and travel related documents.

This is for you to avoid certain problems if you lost your passport.

Credit Card.

Make sure you have your credit card with you when you go out abroad as you travel.

Buy a Guidebook.

Guidebooks are usually maps, language translation and will give you enough details for you to familiar the country you’re visiting “especially Cebu.”

Pack your Gadgets Right.

Make sure you are bringing the right gadget while you’re away from the country to avoid difficulties. Especially, a charger adapter that will work on international countries (110V to 220V, or 50 or 60 cycles) and International/Global Mobile Signal provider, your mobile provider should work in Cebu, Philippines.

Have a Travel Insurance secured.

As indicated by surveys, before you travel, check your medical coverage strategy to check whether it incorporates worldwide scope. If not, consider purchasing a transient strategy that will cover you while you're abroad, on the off chance that something ought to happen. So also, a brilliant approach to secure your trek and your cash is to buy travel protection. Strategies and scope change from supplier to supplier, however, the fundamental thought is that you can have your cash discounted if your trek must be wiped out, deferred, or stopped for any number of reasons.

MayMac Fight: Paulie Malignaggi unleashes on McGregor’s cult Fanbase

Here’s the sideshow that steal’s a week of headlines, Paulie Malignaggi managed to steal the latter.

And he's not actually finished yet.

The 36-year-old champ from New York has unleashed on the UFC star, his camp, his millions of fans and Dana White ahead of the highly anticipated fight of the year.

Simultaneously, the debate is over for the gloves that are going to be allowed in the August 26 fight – and a big amount of money has been going to “”Money”, Floyd Mayweather.

Former super lightweight and welterweight world champion Malignaggi was enraged at the McGregor camp, over the treatment that was given to him after being invited to the camp to spar.

Malignaggi blast at the “cult-like” fans and camp of McGregor for allegedly misrepresenting their 12 rounds of sparring.

Malignaggi told Yahoo Sports that he was not beaten by McGregor as said and claimed by the McGregor’s camp, it was way far from the truth.

The released footage was on UFC chief Dana White's – (firmly in McGregor’s corner) twitter account of the Irishman knocking Malignaggi down with a left hook.

To Him, the footage manifest a push which he said that it came in the 12th round of the spar when he completely spent. To White, McGregor and his legions of fans, it shows the fighter’s awesome power and knockdown ability.

Malignaggi told Yahoo Sports, “What they’re doing is so adorable and cute.”

“They’re trying all these sales tactics. His fan base is adorable and cute because they’re jumping all over it. Everything they send, they’re jumping all over it. They’re so happy to hear this new that he’s supposedly doing great and the video shows this and that’s how it is.”

Malignaggi kept a dramatic character assassination for White.

Malignaggi said, “Dana being the fake guy that he is, he tried to come up to me and say, ‘Hey man, good work. I just brushed him off because he’s not somebody that I like.”

Floyd Mayweather against Conor McGregor is going end a talkative rival, and least that we know is that he’s going to bet on himself.

Things To Find In The Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum

Courtesy: Time Travel Turtle

For the people who are interested in historic events like World War II,  a visit to the Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum is a sheer adventure. Here are a few things, mentioned below, to find in the Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum.

1. Informative short video

You can watch the short video during your visit of the museum. It will be both an informative and touching experience. It shows the poor conditions in the Prisoners of war were forced to work. This will give you an insight about the old World War II period.

2. Audio recordings

You can also find audio recordings of the Prisoners of war. They talk about their experiences and sufferings. You can even submit a small refundable deposit at the museum and get an audio player from there. This will allow you to listen to the audio recordings during your walk in to the pass. Remember that the audio players need to be returned by 3:50pm sharp at the museum. If you fail to do so, a fine of 500 baht will be charged.

3. Walking trail

You can also continue on the historic walking trail in Hellfire Pass, after spending some time inside the museum. This track offers a tremendous site seeing experience, as you are taken to the Kwai Noi lookout and the Hintok Station, along with other historic construction sites. It is a 4km walking trail, which is still well maintained.

Therefore, learn something new at hellfire pass; opening hours for the Museum must be known beforehand to plan the trip accordingly.

Important Information About Car Leasing

Car leasing is a beneficial option when you do not have the budget to invest in a brand new car.

Simply put, car leasing means “renting” a car or any other vehicle from a leasing company. Instead of spending a huge amount of money to buy a car, leasing gives you a way to pay small monthly installments and you get to drive a car.

Here we will discuss some important factors that everyone should know about car leasing.

Types of car lease

You can make a pick between a closed end lease and an open-end lease. The closed end lease helps you to return the car at the end of the lease period and walk away.

You need to follow the various terms and condition provided by a leasing company to use the leased car so that you can avoid paying penalty charges.

Image result for Car Leasing

An open-end car lease is a type of car lease which is specially offered for business purposes. In this type, the renter pays an amount which is calculated as a difference between a pre-determined residual value and the market value. This is determined the end of the lease.

Advantages of car lease

1. Car leasing involves minimum upfront cost. There are companies that require only first-month rent payment and a security deposit. In contrast, a new car requires a huge amount of money as you need to pay the whole amount at once which also includes the down payment to the loan lender.

2. Monthly lease payments are lower when compare to the monthly car loan payments. 

Red Flags When Booking Vacation Rentals

How to Avoid Falling Prey to Scammers While Booking a Vacation Rental?

Planning to book a vacation rental? If so, then you need to be aware of the fact that scammers are always on the lookout and will do anything to rip off your hard-earned money. As such, you need to improve your knowledge and ask the right questions to be sure you are dealing with a genuine person. 

Here we will look at some important details which will help you protect yourself from falling prey to scammers.

Vacation Rentals and Scammers

Unimaginable Deal

vacation rentalsIf the price is far too low in comparison to other vacation rentals in the locality then it should raise suspicion The ideal thing to do in such situation will be to check prices for other properties in the area to be sure you are not falling into a trap, and check online for reviews.

Payment by Wire Transfer

If a property owner asks you to make advance payment, specifically by wire transfer, it should raise red flags. The reason is once you make payment through wire transfer, it is not possible to get your money back. Instead, you should always make payments using credit card since in case of any problem you will be able to dispute those charges and get them off from your statement until the time the matter is solved.

Existence of Property

It will be important for you to ensure that the rental property actually exists. For that, you will have to take name and address of vacation rentals and search in Google Maps to be sure that there is a property at the specified address. You need to take this step since fraudsters often provide false addresses in their listing or add the address of offices, warehouses or vacant lots.

You also need to examine whether listing for the same property has been added on other vacation rental sites and if details provided there are in any way different from listing details you have seen.

Official Correspondence

Scammers often try to imitate email address of a genuine company by using a free to use Gmail or Yahoo account. If a company is not using its company email address for communications then it should raise a red flag about company's authenticity.

Additional Details

After viewing any listing you should contact the owner and request additional images. In case, it is an actual owner you are dealing with then the owner will easily send images which are not present in the listing. You can also ask owners of vacation rentals to communicate with you over skype and similar other video conferencing platforms. This will help you check the property as well as understand whether you are dealing with real owner of the rental property.


There is always a risk when booking vacation rentals, but if you use steps and avoid suspicious companies, you will exponentially lower the risk.

Moments to be remembered in Kawasan Falls and Osmeña Peak

There are a consistent number of non-local and foreign thrill seeking guests coming in the province of Cebu since they want to get a closer feel of what the province has in hand for them. Although a land adventure or trekking activity is available for them, a habal habal travel will definitely test their composure and will as local habal habal drivers cross bumpy roads and dirt. Habal habal is a local name for a motorcycle and it is an alternative if they wish not to travel by foot. Every tourist spots has its own activity to do and it is understood that sometimes, tourists choose to travel on wheel to conserve their energy for the whole day’s tour.

Osmeña peak to Kawasan falls or travel on wheels are pretty much common to foreign guests as they want to experience a different kind of thrill and experience it for themselves what thrill does a habal habal ride feel. Trekking or traveling by foot will take them more than an hour from point A to point B and the activity is perfect to those who are in tip top shape – the advantage of this is that they get to be closer to nature traversing all the way to their last end point.

Why Going For A 4000 Watt Camping Generator Would Be A Good Idea

If you go camping regularly and you would like to have a power generator that is going to allow you to take care of all of your lighting needs then you will want to consider what type of a generator should be going for. There are many different types of generators and you can get a list of all popular ones by visiting different retailers’ websites online and you can do that within minutes provided that you have access to the internet and you know which websites to refer to for such research.

There are different types of camping generators depending upon what your power usage may be however if you are looking for a decent camping generator that is going to take care of your varied power usage then you might want to consider going for a 4000 Watt camping generator.

The 4000 watt camping generator is going to allow you to achieve a number of your goals as it is equipped with features that is going to allow you to light up a number of electronic devices and accessories to keep them working. You do not only go for a power generator or a camping generator to get lighting but also you might have various accessories and tools that you might want to use at your destination which depend upon electricity.