Using Oil Pulling As Natural Therapy For Toxin Removal

Ayurveda is an ancient type of non-traditional medicine that stems from India. This ancient natural medicine is still largely used in modern times. Coconut oil pulling is considered a completely natural and holistic way to thoroughly remove toxins that build up in the human body.

In the practice of oil pulling, certain types of oil are swished in the mouth on a daily basis. Frequently used oils include coconut, sunflower, and sesame oil. The type of oil used varies depending on the Ayurvedic professional. He or she will determine which type of oil is best depending on the needs and health concerns of the patient. These needs are determined by asking the patient questions about his or her health. Oil used for oil pulling must be all-natural and organic. The effects of oil pulling are not instant. In order to see results, treatment must be carried out for a decent time period. 

Experts suggest oil pulling every morning prior to eating or brushing your teeth. Use approximately one tablespoon of oil for this process. You may add essential oil to the main oil in order to help alleviate certain health concerns. Place the oil in your mouth and gently swish it around. It should also be sucked through the teeth in a pulling motion. Swish the oil for no less than twenty minutes. 

The swishing of the oil mixes your saliva with the natural oil. This triggers enzymes that naturally pull toxins out of your blood. Do not ever swallow the oil, as it full of toxins due to the swishing process. The oil used will become then when it is combined with your saliva, and it will become a milky white color. After you are done swishing, spit out all of the oil. Rinse your mouth with plain water. You may also brush your teeth if desired. For best results, perform oil pulling on an empty stomach. You may repeat the process up to three times per day, but wait four hours after eating.

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