What Is Ethical Image Moderation?

This is an era of social networking and currently there are many firms who create apps, blogs and even sites where user can share their pictures and this sharing has itself resulted in to a booming industry. Indeed sharing of images by users is proportional to the profit but there are circumstances when this freedom of sharing becomes a threat. There are instances where obscene, unethical and anti-social images are posted by users. Some suggest that manual filtering is needed, but manual filtering can easily become overwhelming, generate high costs and most importantly, frustrate users. Automatic image moderation is one way around these problems. 

These days there are countless software solutions, web services, and plugins which allows you to filter out these unethical images and allow only ethical images, in short you can reject the controversial images and permit the genuine ones, filtering the contents generated by users is the precise definition for image moderation, if you create a site or an app to share the images without any filtering then that could end in a disaster. Imagine if graphic images are shared by users on a website which is meant specifically for kids, hence image moderation has become an integral part of all the firms which are in to image sharing business, let's have look at some of the different image moderation options out there.

Add Ons and Web Services: This could be used to filter out profane text, obscene images/videos. This software is applicable for both sites and mobile applications. You can have a trial version of this software for 14 days and if satisfied then you can purchase the license. This can filter out the images within five minutes or even less than a minute depending on your package.

SaaS: This moderation software is designed specifically for UGC meaning "User Generated content" , this software can be used to filter out content in many areas such as online gaming, video, Images and many more.

AI Tools: This image moderation software is specially meant for mobile applications. Besides the selection and rejection of images, it also lets us know the reason behind the rejection of an image, it has 24/7 Support.

Crowd Sourcing: This is an another image moderation software which filter outs content such as violence, phishing, lewd and harmful images, hatful speech, illegal activity, etc. Even this has 24/7 support.

Image moderation is not a luxury. Rather, it has become a necessity for those content which are generated and shared by user, just like fishes in pond we have many software in market for the image moderation. We just need to be clear in terms of what needs to be shared and what not, the rest would be taken care by these image moderation software.