What To Expect Before The Cataract Surgery Treatment

Aging brings along eye changes that can adversely affect the vision of the eye. One of the most commonly observed eye problem in adults is a cataract. It is the clouding of the crystalline lens due to which a person is not able to see things clearly. As the lens gets cloudier, the vision also gets hazier. If the surgery is not performed at the right time then there is a possibility of permanent vision loss.

Earlier, the surgeons used to remove the entire lens in one piece using a large incision for the cornea, or the transparent front of the eye. However, due to the evolution of cataract surgery smaller incisions are done now and the clouded lens is replaced with an artificial lens. The recovery period has also reduced a lot due to the advancement in technology. You can cannot avoid or treat cataract with the help of medicine. The only solution of getting rid of cataract is eye cataract surgery. You can find out more info about the cataract surgery via http://dallaseyeandear.com/ent.html.

Before cataract removal, one need to undergo tests a week before the surgery. The patient experiences an ultrasound test to measure the size and shape of the eye which helps in selecting the right type of lens implant. The lens is selected on the basis of the curvature of the cornea and the length of the eye.

There are some preoperative instructions that need to be followed. This includes fasting soon after midnight the day before the surgery, meaning no food or drink must be taken 12 hours prior to procedure. Since it is usually an outpatient procedure, arrangements must be made with family regarding transportation after surgery.

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