Where can I get free iTunes codes?

I'm a computer geek and it is known by almost all of my friends. As a result, whenever they have some technical issues, they phone me and ask for prompt answer. There are several requests that I can't fill, not legally whatsoever, while I am always more than happy to please them. Recently, as all of them have iPods and iPads, they ask me figure out where they are able to locate itunes gift card codes and to direct them.

At first, I was skeptical. Because without them you will not be able to purchase music and games I understand, funds are crucial in iTunes. A free way to get these founds yet appeared to me more like a dream and most definitely not a reality. My doubt dispersed rapidly however after a quick on-line search, when I found http://itunescodesupply.com. The website is legit, it works perfectly and yes, it gives free codes for every visitor they've. How is this possible? Well, the system is quite easy: you input their page, fill in a form with a name and e mail and after you complete a couple of online surveys and offers you get your codes. The address was given by me to my friends and now I'm happy to have solved another technical issue.


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