Why Medium Air Casters Can be so specific

When you start to search for certain Air Caster types it can be tough to find the virtue in staying with a moderate duty when you might be near the high selection of a light duty and a heavy duty could cover everything.

Air Casters are designed with specific goals in mind to help you in gaining stability and speed on your production transport, and to reduce injuries to operators. Medium Air Casters are the same. They are not a midsize Air Caster so much as they are an extremely specific Air Caster design that could provide you the advantage.

Why Medium Air Casters Can be so specific

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Why moderate duty?

Medium Air Casters are rated for loads between 250 and 900 lbs. That spans both the light and heavy- range, but with a moderate duty, the Air Caster is your best idea if your transport loads are within this limitation. The caster bearings, axles, and brakes are all designed to transfer and prevent this load range with the minimum of work. With a heavy-Air Caster can support the weight, but you risk strain injuries as they'll be more difficult to push.

What sorts of wheels work within this range?

You can use almost any sort of wheel with medium Air Casters. This including pneumatic, v-groove and solid rubber wheels. This capability makes the Air Caster type usable in various industries. Whether you will need a chemical resistant wheel with great cushioning for clean work, or a wheel which could travel over system debris but is not loaded with large parts, medium Air Casters can take the ideal wheel for your job. They can even be used with monitor systems with v-groove wheel types. Twin wheels are also an alternative.

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