7 Interesting Facts about Tampons


Once in the month they make life easier and they have kept us in so many unpleasant situations. Reason enough, its time to take tampons under the magnifying glass and find some cool stuff your probably didn't know about tampons:

1 Even before the invention of tampons, the ladies had similar creations to help them in those critical situations.

In the ancient Egypt, women would wrapp small pieces of wood with soft papyrus and in the ancient Greece with they would do it with linen. Romans used wool, and the Japanese and women in some parts of Asia and Africa used paper ,grass and other plants. The 20th century tampons where made of cotton, and for today's tampons viscose is used for the production.

2. The brand name of "O.P" stands for "ohne Binde", meaning in German "without sanitary napkin"

3. A man – invented the pressed cotton ball was Dr. Earle Haas who applied for patent for the first tampon with applicator under the name "Tampax".

4. The first commercial about tampons was released in 1972, but it was quickly banned from national television as it was found unsuited for their viewers.

5. In past tampons sometimes could damage the health. They contained many  bleaching materials and other chemical materials and on some of them you could find traces of pesticides. And because women's genital area deserve better, there is now a wide selection of organic tampons made from organically grown cotton.

6.To forget tampons in the genital area has happened in rare cases indeed, but it actually did happen. And because of chemicals used in production of tampons women would fell in toxic shock syndrome that is caused mostly by staphylococci or streptococci, bacterial toxins.

7.On average, 70 percent of women worldwide use the tampon during their period. The rest relies on alternative products such as menstrual cup, menstruation pads or binding.

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By the way, the first commercial for tampons in looked like this :