Getting Yourself To Write Fiction Well

Learning how to write fiction is pretty simple. It’s one of those things you just do and get better at over time. There is no such thing as being perfectly good all at once. If you have that mindset, you should throw it away right now. It will only hold you back because writing well is just about practice. Getting to that final draft where everything just fits is all about rewriting and planning, thinking, and strategically aligning everything so that it fits your story design. Does that mean that everything that is well written should make it to the final cut? Not exactly, but here’s why.

Sometimes writers come up with good pieces that don’t entirely fit in with their plot design. They might over describe a character whose attributes need to be realized slower and over time rather than all at once. Even if it reads well it might not fit the storyline perfectly. But you should also be cautioned about being perfect in your writing. It just won’t happen. Perfection doesn’t exist and a perfect draft is just one that is good enough. That’s it really. You get to that final and good enough draft by writing and writing and writing until something good pops out of you. Any questions?